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Rosemead Surgery

Rosemead Surgery

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NHS England has commissioned an app, myGP, to help speed up access to care by allowing patients to securely book and/or cancel doctors’ appointments remotely on their smartphones.


The myGP app was developed by London based health tech company iPlato and has been launched for GP practices.


myGP app is a patient facing service for smartphones and is integrated into our clinical system. The app is designed to improve your access to our services, to enable safe and secure communictaion between us and you, support data collection and to encourage self-care though monitoring and medicines adherence. 


The core functionalities of myGP are:

  • Appointment booking/ cancellation - you can cancel appointments by replying ‘cancel’ to SMS appointment reminders. This systematically frees up urgent GP appointments resulting in reduced pressure on urgent care services;
  • Call/ recall campaigns (e.g.) Flu clinics, annual health checks etc;
  • Circle of Care - this allows mothers to add their children as long as they are registered at the same practice, allowing them to manage the appointment booking via the myGP app in an easy and efficient way. Please note that children up to the age of 12 can be added under the Circle of Care. Children between the ages of 12 and 16 will not be able to register on the myGP app, even if they have their own mobile phone;
  • Medication reminders - you can set up a medication reminder to remind you to take your medicine. This has proven to improve medical adherence;

Once downloaded and following a quick authentication process, you will be ready to go. Please follow this link to access the app http://www.ilovemygp.com


An NHS Patient Survey found that 10% of patients who cannot get an urgent appointment at their GP practice go straight to urgent care services including A&E. As such, there is a nationwide push to ensure that the majority of GP appointments are used effectively to help reduce the burden on emergency services at both a primary and secondary level.


Please help us to help you by downloading the app. Thank you. 


Frequently asked questions:


Which handset do I need?

You can use almost any Smartphone running on Android or iOS (iPhone).


Is any patient identifiable data stored on the phone?

No, all patient identifiable data is stored within the Information Governance approved data repositories. 


Will it cost me money to use the app (data charges)?

myGP uses negligible amounts of data. However, if you are concerned about using up your mobile data allowance, please ensure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network when using the app. 


What ages are supported in the Circle of Care?

Children up to the age of 12 can be added under the circle of care. Children between the ages of 12 and 16 will not be able to register on the myGP app, even if they have their own mobile phone. 






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